Queen saw creepy portrait of late Prince Philip, this was her response

A few weeks ago, the Queen of England received a rather disturbing portrait of her late husband Prince Philip from a young woman and her response will surprise you.

Prince Philip’s passing in April shattered millions of hearts around the world, particularly that of 23-year-old Honor Morisson. She was so saddened by his death that she decided to paint a portrait to commemorate his legacy and she filmed her whole process on TikTok. She said in one of her videos:

His death just struck a chord with me.
It was a sunny afternoon and I really fancied panting. I didn't want to do my mum as I knew her face too well.
Prince Philip was absolutely everywhere on TV and I didn't know who else to paint. Not to be rude but his wrinkly face made for a great subject.

An odd portrait

She spent four hours composing every inch of his face, but when she saw the final product she realised there was something really wrong—she made the late Prince look scary and incredibly creepy. She continued:

I finished it in four hours and had it in the house for the next few weeks. It was looking a bit creepy and it was feeling like he was watching me. I didn't want it around anymore but I didn't want to bin it.
I put it on TikTok and as a joke I suggested I would send it to Buckingham Palace if it reached over 1,000 likes.

When her video went viral she wrapped it up and sent it to Buckingham Palace in May.

Receiving a response

To her surprise, a few days ago the young aspiring painter received a letter from Buckingham palace. In the envelope was a handsome photo of the Duke of Edinburgh and a personalised letter on behalf of the one and only Queen Elizabeth II. The letter read:

The Queen wishes me to write to you and thank you very much for your message of sympathy and for the lovely picture you sent on the death of Her Majesty's beloved husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.
The Queen has been deeply touched by the messages she has received from all over the world and is very grateful for your thoughtful support of Her Majesty at this time by sending her your kind gift.

Morisson decided to film this special moment for her Tiktok platform and the video racked up 1.7 million views! Morrison said in disbelief:

It's incredibly touching and I wasn't expecting anything back.
I'm just really surprised and it's one of those things I'll keep forever and be sure to tell the grandkids in years to come.
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