Queen Elizabeth: Tragic Death Shakes The Royal Family

Tragic news from Buckingham Palace: the Royal Family has been rocked by an unexpected death just one month before the wedding between Harry and Meghan.

Queen Elizabeth: Tragic Death Shakes The Royal Family
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Tragedy has struck the Royal Family and the Queen in particular is devastated. After a hard fought battle against cancer, the Queen’s loyal companion Willow has finally passed away. With Willow’s passing, that marks the last of the Queen’s pack of corgis. Truly the end of an era.

A long battle with cancer

Willow comes from a long lineage of corgis that have been in the Royal Family ever since the Queen’s 18th birthday when she received Susan, the first in the line. According to sources, Willow was put to sleep in an effort to end her suffering.

An icon, even in Hollywood

Willow had a rather exciting life for a dog: one of her crowning moments came during her performance at the 2012 Olympic Games alongside James Bond in an opening sketch. Willow, as well as the rest of the Queen’s corgis, were known worldwide and had even been featured in major publications like Vanity Fair. If you’re so lucky to possess a crown coin, you could even see the Queen pictured with one of her corgis.

The Queen will survive

Despite the tragic passing of her beloved corgis, there are still some pups in the palace: the Queen also has two dorgis – a mix of corgi and dachshund. As for breeding any new dogs, the Queen has ruled it out: she fears she may trip over puppies.