Public uproar as the Queen’s guards forced to wear full uniforms during heatwave

One of the highlights for tourists in London is seeing the Queen’s guards. It seems the public is in uproar over their uniforms and the current temperature.

The Queen’s guards are famous for their uniforms, which include a 1.5 lbs bearskin hat and bright red jacket. They stand guard outside Buckingham Palace and don’t move until their shift is over—which can be up to 2 hours without a bathroom break. Tourists often have fun trying to make them fling or laugh, but these soldiers can withstand anything, well almost anything.

Queen’s guards and heat

It isn’t uncommon for members of the Queen’s guards to faint whilst on duty. This often happens when it is particularly hot. Indeed, as reported by MailOnline, five guards fainted back in June as they stood outside St Paul’s Cathedral for the service of thanksgiving to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

As Britain faces a heatwave, with temperatures rising up to 39 degrees on Monday and possible 41 degrees today (July 19) according to the Met Office, the Queen’s guards must be struggling to cope with the heat.

This was definitely the case as guards were seen bringing those on duty something to drink as they couldn’t leave their post.

The public is in uproar

After the pictures started circulating the internet, many didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts. The communal thought was that the Queen’s guards' clothing is inappropriate for such weather and should be changed.

One Twitter user wrote:

This is stupid and irresponsible. They should not be standing there in this heat, they have plenty of other security around and they can all wear weather-appropriate uniform.

Another wrote:

We must update our clothes like people do in Spain. Guards go with white shirt, and blue or black trousers.

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