Princess Eugenie's first Christmas as a mum is going to be bittersweet

As she prepares for her first Christmas with her new baby, Princess Eugenie has mixed emotions for it.

Princess Eugenie is going to celebrate her first Christmas as a mother. Although, this Christmas will be the first for her without a significant participant in the festivities. Prince Philip, her 99-year-old grandfather, died in April 2021 and could never spend Christmas with his great-grandson, August. Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, welcomed August into the world in February.

August, who is still under the age of a year, has a name that pays homage to Prince Philip: August Philip Hawke Brooksbank. This makes it clear that Princess Eugenie was very attached to her grandfather and is definitely going to miss him this Christmas. Hence, making this Christmas a bittersweet experience for her and her family.

Tribute to grandfather!

Following the Duke of Edinburgh's death, the Queen's granddaughter also offered a heartfelt tribute to him on social media. Expressing her feelings, she wrote that the entire family misses him and she has received quite a few dedications for him which he would have been overwhelmed to hear. She wrote:

People remember sitting next to you at a dinner, or shaking your hand once, who remember you saying hello in passing, or remember how much their DofE award meant to them.

Moving on from others to herself, she remembered how Prince Philip taught her different things and how it made her the woman she is today. Clearly, the 31-year-old princess was very close to her grandfather. In full, she wrote:

I remember learning how to cook, how to paint, what to read. I remember laughing at your jokes and asking about your spectacular life and service in the navy.
I remember incinerating the sausages and you swooping in to save the day. I remember your hands and your laugh and your favourite beer.
I will remember you in your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren. Thank you for your dedication and love for us all and especially Granny, who we will look after for you.

She also used social media to commemorate the occasion on June 10, which would have been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday.

Socially social

Princess Eugenie also shares cute pictures of August and her family on her social media. In March, she uploaded a snapshot of baby August lying on a blanket among flowering daffodils to commemorate her first Mother's Day. She had also recently posted a series of photos of herself, Jack, and a newborn August showing off to the newest member of her family to the world. She expressed herself and said:

Thank you for so many wonderful messages. Our hearts are full of love for this little human, words can't express. We are excited to be able to share these photos with you.
Princess Eugenie's baby will not be given a royal title Princess Eugenie's baby will not be given a royal title