Princess Charlotte looks all grown up in this newly released photo

This weekend, Kensington Palace released a brand new photo of Princess Charlotte and royal fans are going wild over how grown up she looks.

The royal family often uses their social media platforms to share intimate moments of their lives with the rest of the world however royal parents, like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seldom post pictures of their children, except on grand occasions—like their birthday.

This time, however, Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to share a rare shot of their only daughter Princess Charlotte and we’re stunned at how much she’s grown up.

Princess Charlotte

We can tell through the picture that Princess Charlotte definitely has a way with animals. In fact, just a few months ago, she revealed that she had a fascination with spiders during an interview with a naturalist, which she did alongside her brothers.

A photo of the little princess with a spider would be a sight to behold, but for now a photo of her with a delicate butterfly will suffice.

In the recently published photo, Princess Charlotte has a multicoloured butterfly sitting on her hands. The photo was taken to commemorate the Big Butterfly Count—an initiative that takes place every year in the UK.

Big Butterfly Count

The initiative is organised by the Butterfly Conservation to raise awareness about the importance of protecting insects like butterflies and moths. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge explained on their Instagram page:

Save Butterflies encourages us all to respect these incredible creatures, as they are not only beautiful, but also very important. They are an essential part of our ecosystem as pollinators and links in the food chain.

While the purpose of publishing the photo may have been to shed light on the initiative, royal fanatics couldn’t help but notice how ‘grown up’ the princess looks. One user commented saying:

Beautiful pictures and Princess Charlotte is getting so big 🥺💜
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