Prince William mourns the loss of his ‘acquaintance’ who was shot and killed

Prince William paid tribute to his close acquaintance, Anton Mzimba, who was shot and killed outside his home in South Africa.

It is common knowledge that crowned Prince William is an avid animal lover. His many ventures and NGOs dedicated to preserving animal life are proof of that. So it came as a shock when the news of his acquaintance, Anton Mzimba being killed was revealed. Prince William was ‘deeply saddened’ by the news.

Prince William met Anton in South Africa

Prince William and Anton were acquainted last Autumn when the Prince was actively campaigning against the illegal trafficking of exotic and wild animals, as per Daily Mail. Anton was one of the rangers who protected wildlife from the dangers of poaching and hunting in Africa.

Sadly, the rangers who protect these animals are putting themselves in danger as well. This is due to the illegal hunters who target the rangers in order to break down the protective barrier between the wildlife and the illegal hunters.

Prince William pays tribute

The Duke of Cambridge, took to Twitter to express his condolences for his acquaintance. He wrote a heartfelt message for Anton and revealed that they last spoke in November. Anton was a wildlife ranger who worked for the Timbavati Game Private Nature Reserve in Africa. According to News 24, he was shot and killed outside his home this week.

The details of his murder have not been revealed yet, and the police are still investigating. The Timbavati Reserve also paid a heartfelt tribute to their brave ranger on their website as well as their Twitter.

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