Prince William confronts photographer in ‘leaked’ video, the Palace responds

The Royal Family often abide by the motto ‘don’t complain, never explain’. However, a viral video of Prince William seems to show him not complying.

On Friday, June 24, a video was shared on the streaming platform YouTube, which showed Prince William confronting a photographer whilst out with his children. The video has since been removed but has been circulating on Twitter and TikTok, the Palace has released a statement.

The viral video

According to The Independent, the video dates back to January 2021. It was shared by Terry Harris - a drone operator and photographer based in Peterborough.

In the video, you can see a clearly angry Prince William confront the photographer.

How dare you behave like you have done with our children? How dare you? Stalking around here looking for us and our children?

Indeed the Prince was enjoying a family bike ride near their Norfolk home, Sandringham. The Duchess of Cambridge can be heard but not seen in the footage. She mentions that she had seen the photographer earlier:

You drove past our house, I saw you,

Prince William added:

You're outrageous. You're disgusting. You really are. How dare you behave like that.
Thanks for ruining our day,

He then called his security to notify them of the ‘altercation’ according to SkyNews.

The Palace’s response

The Palace reached out to The Telegraph to comment and explained that the video was a ‘breach of privacy’ and demanded that it be removed.

By Monday, June 27, the video had already accumulated 20,000 views. According to The Telegraph, lawyers are ‘writing to the photographer directly’.

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