Prince Harry 'shocked' at glacial welcome, may cancel future returns to England

Prince Harry travelled to his homeland earlier than expected for Prince Philip's funeral. But what awaited him was quite upsetting for the royal.

Prince Harry 'shocked' at glacial welcome, may cancel future returns to England
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This is probably not what Prince Harry had in mind. When he travelled to Britain in mid-April for the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip, he was reportedly not exactly welcomed with open arms by his family. This is said to have been very upsetting for him, an insider reveals.

The family to avoid Harry when possible

The royal spat seems to be going into the next round. According to the Daily Mail, Russel Myers told a radio programme that Harry was 'shocked' that 'some of the family gave Harry a frosty reception.' Some are even said to have ignored and avoided him.

The funeral was the first gathering of the family after Harry and Meghan's final resignation as senior royals and the scandalous Oprah interview. Can you blame some family members for not being on good terms with them?

A debate is still ongoing

A debate between the family members, in particular between Prince Charles, Prince William and Harry, is still ongoing and this, despite the fact that Harry had tried to save the relationship with his father before his visit. Experts and fans of the crown have been betting on the reunion in the summer and hoping that the three will then become closer again.

But it could be that Harry will draw conclusions from the last visit and cancel his appointment in July. Although it is about the unveiling of a Diana statue on the occasion of her 60th birthday. Russell Myers believes:

I was told that he is still willing to come. Both camps are. Surely Kate and William will welcome him if he wants to come back.

But Harry could also use Meghan's pregnancy and the birth of their daughter together in a few weeks as an excuse 'so he doesn't have to come back and face the family.' One can only hope that the family will get their disputes out of the way as quickly, and as well as possible.