Prince George and Princess Charlotte: Why were they allowed to skip school recently?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very strict about their children attending school, so why were they at Prince Philip’s memorial instead?

On Tuesday, March 29, Prince Philip’s memorial was held at Westminster Abbey. Most of the royals, excluding the Sussexes and the youngest members, attended the ceremony. Many Royal fans were surprised to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as other younger Royal Family members, attending the memorial, despite it being during school hours. So why were they allowed to attend?

The Royal Family are strict about school

Despite being members of the Royal Family, the younger ones such as Prince George, Princess Charlotte or Mia Tindall—Zara and Mike Tindall’s eldest daughter—are of school age and they must attend.

The Royal Family are very strict about the children not missing school. Mike Tindall opened up about how he always puts his daughters’ education first. At the Cheltenham Festival 2022 he said:

She's at school today. We came in November and that was on a Sunday so the day fell well.
School will always be the priority so she might be missing Ladies' Day for some time to come.
Zara and Mike Tindall with their eldest daughter Mia at Prince Philip's memorial Samir Hussein/Getty

So how come so many young royals attended the ceremony?

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Prince George is changing schools because of Princess Charlotte

It’s the school holidays

Among the young royals who attended the late Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service were:

  • Prince William and Kate’s two eldest children Prince George, 8 and Princess Charlotte, 6
  • Peter—Princess Anne’s son—and Autumn Philips's children Savannah, 11 and Isla 10
  • Zara—Princess Anne’s daughter—and Mike Tindall’s eldest daughter Mia, 8
  • Prince Edward and Sophie’s children Lady Louise Windsor, 18 and James Viscount Severn, 14
Peter Philips with his two daughters Savannah and Isla Mark Cuthbert/Getty

The reason why so many young royals attended the service was simply that, for their schools, it is the Easter holidays. Indeed it has been revealed that at Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s private school, Thomas's Battersea, the school holiday started on March 25.

Most private schools break for the Easter holidays around this time. Meaning that the young royals can take part in royal events without skipping school.

Prince George is changing schools because of Princess Charlotte Prince George is changing schools because of Princess Charlotte