Prince Edward: Queen's youngest son almost became king of this European country

Prince Edward could have been King before Prince Charles, but of another European country.

Prince Edward would never in his right mind try to contest Prince Charles’ birthright to the throne. As a matter of fact, this is not a tale of how he almost became the King of England but one of how he almost became king of Estonia.

The Sunday Telegraph was the first to let the public know the youngest child of the Queen was actually approached to rule Estonia in 1994. The unusual story was retold by biographer Robert Jobson, in his book The Royal Family Operations Manual, which was published last year.

King Edward of Estonia?

According to these two sources, Prince Edward was in his twenties when he was asked by the Royalist Party of Estonia if he was interested in becoming the king of Estonia. Apparently, the young British prince was a crowd favourite in the country and was described by the people as ‘perfect, young, royal, artistic and talented.’

Besides having royal blood coursing through his veins, Prince Edward was more so admired for his interest in the arts. As reported by Tatler, the country had stated that ‘his experience as an actor and television producer’ was ideal for a king who could ‘combine ancient culture with modern political reality.’

Failed proposal

If the plan had actually come into fruition, Queen Elizabeth II would have had two sons that were reigning monarchs. But unfortunately for the Estonians, and perhaps the prince, the proposal didn’t quite take off as the Buckingham Palace described the whole idea as ‘charming but rather unlikely.’ That may have been the only shot the Prince had at becoming the King of any place, given that now he’s slipped into 14th place in the order of succession to the throne.

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