Prince Charles sides with the Queen regarding Buckingham Palace

As his mother grows older, Prince Charles prepares to become king. But the future monarch may be breaking an old royal tradition.

Could Prince Charles break a 200-year-old British tradition? According to monarchy experts, the heir to the crown may shun Buckingham Palace once he becomes King and keep Clarence House, his current residence, as his main residence. Buckingham Palace has been the seat of the monarchy since 1837. According to the Mirror, the Prince of Wales will only visit the palace for business purposes, using its premises as 'offices.'

Multi-generational tendency

But Prince Charles may not be the only monarch not to choose Buckingham Palace as his principal residence. His eldest son, Prince William, may well follow in his footsteps once he is monarch. One insider reported:

I imagine the palace will always be the HQ of the monarchy, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Cambridges stayed in Kensington.

A decision Queen Elizabeth II could perhaps understand.

Queen Elizabeth II has never taken Buckingham Palace to heart

In a recent letter, Queen Elizabeth II implied that she 'has never liked Buckingham Palace.' Moreover, the monarch hasn't actually lived there for several months now. Prince Philip's wife has even spent her lockdown months in Windsor Castle. According to the expert Andrew Morton in the book Elizabeth and Margaret, Buckingham Palace could be transformed in the next few years into 'a cultural centre with a museum, concert and ballrooms, and a garden for sound and light shows and picnics.'

Prince Andrew is being made invisible by the royal family Prince Andrew is being made invisible by the royal family