Prince Charles ‘pleased’ with The Sussexes decision to stay off Royal payroll, says royal insider

The Prince gave the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a ‘handsome settlement’ after they decided to quit their roles as senior members of the Royal family to become independent.

A Royal expert claims that Prince Charles was relieved when Harry and Meghan insisted on not getting any more money from him.

Royal accounts

The Royal accounts were made public a few months after Prince Harry told Oprah Winfrey that the Royal family had cut him and his wife, Meghan Markle off financially as a result of their migration to the US.

Charles gave almost £4.5 million to the Sussexes and Prince William and Kate Middleton during the last financial year, down from £5.6 million—about 20 per cent—the previous 12 months.

It also revealed Harry and Meghan's £2.4 million reimbursement of the taxpayer for renovating Frogmore Cottage also included more than 18 months’ rent.

It appears that Harry dismissed the financial support he had from his father during his Oprah Winfrey interview, and claimed that he and Meghan could only sustain their lifestyle through his inheritance from Princess Diana’s estate.

Leave us alone!

In similar news, a royal biographer reiterated that Harry and Meghan were indeed frustrated by the palace attempts to retain control over their public relations. She said that rather than having their own press established, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were incorporated into Buckingham Palace by the order of the Queen and Prince Charles.

She concluded by revealing that this may have been the last straw that caused the separation of the Royal family, as the Sussexes desired to have what the Cambridges were having, they demanded to have equal rights as Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince Charles ready to streamline the monarchy and 'ditch' Meghan and Harry? Prince Charles ready to streamline the monarchy and 'ditch' Meghan and Harry?