Prince Charles accuses Harry of constantly 'asking for more money'

Prince Harry drove a wedge between him and his father, Prince Charles. Now, the Prince of Wales complains about his son's behaviour regarding money.

For more than a year, the tensions between Prince Harry and the British royal family has been making headlines. And Prince Charles seems to be the main target of his younger son's ire. According to Harry, Elizabeth II's son simply failed to protect him from the 'suffering' he experienced as a child. These accusations have 'deeply hurt' the Prince of Wales, according to the media. Prince Charles, blamed by his son for cutting him off, did not hesitate to retaliate by letting some indiscretions slip.

Much ado about money

An insider close to Charles commented about the Sussexe's resources in America:

The prince continued to provide Harry and Meghan with financial support after their move to America, while they found their feet.

But during the infamous Oprah interview, Harry claimed at some point, the Prince of Wales cut them off. No written evidence exists about these events, but 'Prince Charles immediately made it known (...) that Harry kept phoning him to ask for money.' Going further, the Prince added that: 'He considers me as a money tap.'

These complex relationships tarnished the British royal family during one of its most important and harrowing moments of these past few years: the funeral of Prince Philip, which has been held on 17 April 2021.

Prince Charles and Harry's broken relationship

Between the two men, relations seem to have broken down for good. More than two months after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's explosive interview on Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles has made it clear that he would not be willing to forgive his son's 'betrayal.' A source told The Sun

It's so hurtful to him (Charles), he's a sensitive man and these personal attacks hurt him deeply. He can't understand why Harry is doing this to him.

That broken relationship has also had an impact on Elizabeth II herself. The Queen was reportedly 'very upset' by her grandson's attacks on Prince Charles.

Prince Harry has been accused of lying about being cut off financially by family Prince Harry has been accused of lying about being cut off financially by family