Pippa Middleton has supposedly named her baby, according to The Daily Mail

The story surrounding whether Pippa Middleton was pregnant and whether or not she gave birth is a bit unusual. The latest claims are that she’s found a name.

If you are into gossip, you probably heard the rumours that Pippa Middleton was ‘pregnant’ and she supposedly showed off her ‘baby bump’ at the Queen’s Jubilee weekend back in early June. Then, she supposedly gave birth to a baby girl a few weeks ago. However, this story is all a bit hazy as there has been no official statement from any member of the Middleton family.

‘She’s found a name’

Once again the gossip train is moving. According to Daily Mail, Pippa and her husband, James Matthews, have named their daughter Rose, however, Daily Mail has not said where they have retrieved this information. The part that is strange about this story is that none of these events have been confirmed.

Indeed the news that Pippa was pregnant during the Jubilee was from an ‘unnamed source’who spoke to Page 6. Then the news that she had given birth also came from an unknown source according to People.

Baby news supposedly confirmed by Pippa’s father

According to Daily Mail editor, Richard Eden, Pippa Middleton has given birth to a daughter. Earlier this month, he tweeted the news, claiming that her father confirmed the birth of another grandchild to him.

Indeed Eden claimed he just bumped into Michael Middleton at a Pret à Manger in Kensington and confirmed his daughter had given birth to a girl but refused to comment on her name.

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