Michelle Obama Just Revealed Something Very Surprising About The Queen

Is the very strict protocol that concerns the British royal family absurd? Yes, according to the person who is the most concerned about this, Queen Elizabeth II.

Michelle Obama loves making revelations. After confessing that her husband Barack Obama had worn the same costume for eight years, here is a big announcement about the Queen of England!

The former ‘first lady’ explained that Barack Obama admired Queen Elizabeth II because she reminded him of his grandmother Toot, ‘intelligent, funny and honest’. But this is not the most enticing revelation made by Michelle Obama in an interview with CNN.

Michelle Obama's obsession

She says she broke the protocol during her last visit to the Queen as First Lady of the United States... on Elizabeth II’s own advice! Michelle Obama explains: ‘We were going to Windsor Castle and we took Marine One, the helicopter, and we landed in a field. At first I tried not to fall. [...] One of my main goals during these eight years has been to never become a meme.’

She continues her explanation, talking about what she was telling herself just before meeting the queen: ‘Do not go down the stairs and do not touch anyone, whatever happens’. That's when the queen told her ‘Come on up, just sit wherever you want’. This is when Michelle Obama told her that it was contrary to what the protocol required. Queen Elizabeth II’s answer surprised everyone: ‘Oh, that’s just nonsense, just enter’. This is how Michelle Obama broke the strict protocol, under the command of Queen Elizabeth II. Astonishing, isn't it?

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