Meghan Markle running for President? Here’s everything we know about the rumours

Meghan Markle has never been shy in speaking up. After recent events, there are many rumours circulating that she will be running for President.

Meghan Markle is one to stand up for people when she deems things are unfair. Just recently, she pledged to take on the Supreme Court over their decision to overturn Roe v Wade. as a result, many people think the Duchess of Sussex may run for President. Here’s everything we know so far about these rumours.

She ‘might be in Washington soon’

Since stepping down as Senior Royals in 2020, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now free to enter the world of politics.

Indeed Meghan had told Vogue that she ‘might be in Washington very soon’. This could mean that she will soon be visiting the city, but others believe she may be 'hinting' at the possibility of running for President.

One royal editor doesn't think the idea is far-fetched.

Experts believe she wants to enter politics

On ITV’s Lorraine, the presenter spoke with royal editor Russel Myers. He told Lorraine that the idea of running for president isn’t ‘ludicrous’ as reported by Express.

The two then talked about Meghan entering the world of politics, Lorraine reckons this is the Duchess’ element, saying:

This is where she really, like I said, comes into her own.


And it raises that whole speculation of whether or not she's going to go into politics

Lorraine then talks about Meghan wanting to speak up about things and about the platform she has to talk about important issues.

She's got things to say and she's got an astonishing platform and she could make a real difference.

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