Kate Middleton: Will her title change when Prince Charles becomes King?

Kate Middleton already has a number of titles since marrying Prince William. But will her titles change once Prince Charles becomes King? Will she get new ones?

When Kate Middleton married Prince William back in 2010, she received various titles. Kate is a princess of the United Kingdom, however ‘princess’ is her occupation and not her official title. So what are her current titles and what titles would she have when Prince Charles becomes King?

Kate Middleton’s current titles

When Kate married Prince William, she was bestowed three titles by the Queen:

  • The Duchess of Cambridge: a hereditary title.
  • The Countess of Strathearn: Kate’s title in Scotland.
  • Lady Carrickfergus: Kate’s title in Northern Ireland.
Prince William and Kate's wedding in 2010 Chris Jackson/Getty

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Kate Middleton’s future titles

Kate Middleton will likely inherit three titles when her father-in-law, Prince Charles becomes King:

  • Princess of Wales:

When Prince Charles becomes King, he is expected to hand down the title of Prince of Wales to Prince William. The title Prince of Wales is traditionally passed down to the heir apparent.

Princess of Wales was a title given to Princess Diana. Camilla did not receive this title out of respect for Lady Diana.

  • Duchess of Cornwall:

When Prince Charles becomes King, his Dukedom of Cornwall will be passed down to Prince William, as it is also tradition that the title is held by the heir apparent. As Kate is married to Prince William, she will become the Duchess of Cornwall.

  • Duchess of Rothesay:

The last title that Kate would receive when Prince Charles is King is Duchess of Rothesay. Rothesay is the Scottish title held by the heir apparent, meaning that Prince William will become the Duke of Rothesay. Camilla is the current Duchess of Rothesay.

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