Kate Middleton once gave Prince Harry the most hilarious Christmas gift

A few years ago, the Duchess of Cambridge gave Prince Harry a very special and hilarious present. Find all the details below.

When you think about Christmas for the Royal Family, you probably imagine lavish and exorbitant parties and gifts that they give each other. But don’t be fooled, when it comes to presents, the Windsors actually have a rule that they can’t give each other incredibly expensive presents... Anyway, what could you possibly buy fo the person who has everything?

Kate Middleton—who has always shown that she is still a simple woman since she joined the Royal Family–understands this rule and follows it to the letter.

All I want for Christmas is...

For Christmas a few years ago, Kate Middleton gave Prince Harry quite a surprising, yet still hilarious present. At the time, Harry had been single for a while and hadn’t managed to settle down. And when Kate realised this aspect of her brother-in-law’s love life, she leapt at the opportunity to make the most of it.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave him a Grow Your Own Girlfriend, as The Mirror reported. How does it work? The gift includes a female figurine made of sponge and as you water it over time, it grows bigger. A great metaphor that a love that grows is a love that lasts!

Prince Harry has also revealed that for one Christmas, he gave the Queen a shower cap with the inscription ‘Ain’t life a B***h’ written on it. We hope that this gave her a laugh!

Meghan joins in on the fun

The tradition of hilarious gag gifts was not lost on Meghan Markle either. One Christmas, just after she got engaged to Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex gifted her Majesty a singing hamster toy.

According to The Daily Star, the Queen was rearing with laughter at her present and told Meghan that the hamster could 'keep her dogs company'. But, that didn't last long as the corgis managed to tear the thing apart just hours later.

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