Kate Middleton Is in Love With This £9 Zara Dress Everyone Is Going For!

Kate Middleton has come back in tremendous fashion, and for the occasion she has bet on a hot look at a very soft price.

Kate Middleton Is in Love With This £9 Zara Dress Everyone Is Going For!
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Since the world has fallen victim to a global pandemic, Kate Middleton makes fewer and fewer public appearances. As a result, she continues to keep her official and professional appointments at a distance by having them over video conference.

This provides an opportunity for the fans of the Duchess of Cambridge to continue reviewing her looks. In fact, on August 31, 2020, Kate Middleton caused quite a stir by appearing in quite a hot back-to-school outfit.

Affordable fashion

This week, Kate Middleton was part of the jury for Hold Still 2020, a committee tasked with conserving 100 images from over 30,000 entries to launch a new digital art exhibition.

During a professional video conference call, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared radiant in a floral green gown by Zara. She had fallen in love with a fall piece from the Spanish label, which was on sale for only $9 (about £7).

A very popular dress

This long dress has been so loved by internet users that it is already out of stock. But don't panic, you can probably still find it in the shop on the sale racks. Otherwise, we suggest you discover the Zara nugget we found, very similar to the dress worn by Kate Middleton.

We found a mid-length Zara dress with a green floral print on Zara's website. The short, ruffled sleeves add a sophisticated touch to this midi dress. Its price? £49.99.

Check out the video above to see the dress!