Harry’s hair problem: treatment could save him from William’s fate

Since Megxit has recently died down, Prince Harry now seems to be dealing with a problem that has been spreading on top of his head for some time. According to an insider, the Duke of Sussex is apparently finally taking action against his hair loss.

Afterstepping down from his royal duties,Prince Harry seems to be dealing with an issue that many men his age have to deal with. A problem that even Kings face. Harry has apparently been spotted in a hair clinic in London.

Harry’s hair problem

Harry is not the only Windsor to lose his hair. His grandfather Philip, father Charles and brother William have also been victims of royal hair loss. But the Duke of Sussex doesn’t seem to be willing to accept this fate.

During his recent visit to the capital, the 35-year-old was apparently spotted in one of London’s top consultation clinics. Insiders from the Trichological Clinic in Mayfair have also reported that Harry has already undergone his first hair thickening treatment.

Harry isn’t the only prominent sufferer

This procedure involves bald spots and receding hairlines being filled with hair taken from the back of the head. Harry isn’t the only famous face to undergo this type of treatment. James Nesbit, Steve Carell and Wayne Rooney have also undergone hair transplants in the past.

Dr. Volker Rippmann, an expert in aesthetic plastic surgery, recently examinedHarry’s hair situation and explained to the German news source, Bild:

With Prince Harry, this is a classic case of male pattern baldness: hereditary and testosterone-related. Most patients who are affected by this are between the ages of 30 and 40. However, hair loss often begins earlier, but is not always immediately noticeable.

An eight-hour-long operation

The expert expects Harry to have around 3,000 hair follicles transplanted during this procedure and according to the expert, these follicles will be transplanted over the course of an eight-hour-long operation. That aside, we are looking forward to the Prince’s next public appearance to see the progress made with the Royal’s hair situation.

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