Buckingham Palace under fire after accusations of racism

After allegations of racism were made by Meghan Markle against the Royal Family, pressure is mounting for the Palace to conduct a formal investigation.

Buckingham Palace under fire after accusations of racism
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After the explosive two hour interview with Oprah, Meghan Markle has exposed an unnamed high ranked member of the Royal Family for having made racist remarks of her and Prince Harry's son, one-year-old Archie. According to Markle there were 'concerns and conversation about how dark his skin might be when he's born.'

Call for a thorough investigation

But although Oprah probed for her to reveal the bigot in question, she denied to answer saying it would be 'very damaging to them.'

And now, the whole of Buckingham Palace is under immense pressure to investigate the claims that were revealed by the Duchesse of Sussex. With Shadow education secretary Kate Green saying:

If there are allegations of racism, I would expect them to be treated by the Palace with the utmost seriousness and fully investigated. I'm sure that the Palace will be thinking very carefully about that and I certainly think people will be wondering what is going to be said.

And adding that:

There is never any excuse in any circumstances for racism and I think it is important that action is taken to investigate what are really shocking allegations.

Were the bullying allegations just a ploy?

Interestingly enough, just last week, claims that Markle had bullied staff members of the royal family–to the point of leaving some in tears and triggering PTSD in others– seems conveniently timed as her then-forthcoming interview had been revealed a few days before the allegations came to light.

Now, many are saying that the allegations of bullying from the Palace to take her down before she could reveal her tell-all experience of racism at the hands of the Royal Family was just a ploy to precipitate damage control.

People on social media were outraged and said that if the Palace was able to speak up on allegations of bullying then they should be ready to face the allegations of racism that were made against them.