Would You Risk It All For The Sake Of Not Being Single? You May Be Suffering From Anuptaphobia

Would you do just about anything to not stay single, because you're scared of ending up alone? You may be suffering from anuptaphobia.

"I'm going to end up alone with my cats." People often say this lightly after a breakup or after a long dry-spell. But while some people say it jokingly, without really believing it, others really have a deadly fear of ending up alone.

This fear of staying single has a name. It's called "anuptaphobia", a Latin term composed of "nuptia," which means "nuptials," and the Greek suffix "phobos," which means "fear."

This is a real phobia that can feel like anxiety. Anuptaphobia doesn't just affect single people who are afraid of remaining single. This phobia also affects couples who are worried about the strength of their relationship.

What do studies say?

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has published a survey on this disease. It reveals that a person suffering from anuptaphobia will get in a relationship with anyone. Anything is better than solitude, so they have little to no criteria and this relationship often turns into an addiction, which is obviously not healthy.

The causes of anuptaphobia

According to several studies, social pressure appears to be the first cause of this evil. Indeed, society is quick to reinforce the idea that having someone (or several people) is better.

To fight this fear, one must deconstruct the idea that happiness is synonymous with partnership. The next step is taking time to focus on yourself and working on your personal goals. Self-realization will bring you fulfillment and pride.

The symptoms

You have never broken up with a partner.

At the beginning of a relationship, you tend to get a bit too carried away!

You are constantly planning ahead.

When you are alone, you get depressed.

Paranoia is no stranger to you!

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