Why Is The Holiday Season More Conducive To Romantic Encounters?

The holiday season is not always a happy time for everyone. Some people dread it, but a majority of singles think that this is the best time to meet new people.

What if the best time to meet people is at the end of the year? According to many dating sites, this is no longer an assumption, but a reality. Tinder, one of the leading dating sites, conducted a survey and among singles, 54% thought that this period is the ideal time to find one's partner.

This was confirmed by the American website Match.com: ‘Those who decide to date in January are 15% more likely to meet someone,’ and by Dating.com which noted a 30% increase in the number of visitors between November and February.

Indeed, the best time to be lucky when it comes to dating is between Christmas and February for Valentine's Day.

And there are several reasons for this: more than a third of young people between the ages of 18 and 34 years old are concerned about being single during the various Christmas holidays. According to a study by the Mental Health Foundation, it is this concern that leads them to register on dating sites and other dating applications.

And if more and more people sign up, it actually increases their chances of meeting someone, and being in a good frame of mind to do so. Sociologist Ronan Chastellier explained that social situations, in the family, during the holiday season:

‘Christmas is the high point for the relationship and the family, where the family gaze sometimes comes to rest with a bit of insistence on the singles, for whom it becomes a bit of a sore subject. It is difficult to escape the ‘questioning,’ even slightly intrusive attitude of the family. Comments, innuendoes, various remarks can lead to a darkening of the atmosphere. Single people in the most exposed age group (25/49) find it hard to escape the family pressure of being in a relationship.’

So it's time to get started! For more info, watch the video above.

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