Why Are Women More Attracted To Men Who Are Taken? Science Explains

Why Are Women More Attracted To Men Who Are Taken? Science Explains

You always want what you can't have right? Well apparently it's totally true.

Since all that is forbidden is obviously more exciting, women find that men who are in relationships are more attractive than those who are single. This paradox that a large number of women have nevertheless been able to experience during their lives, has finally been corroborated by a scientific study entitled ‘Human mate-choice copying is domain-general social learning’, published in the journal Scientific Reports.

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To understand this, the people in charge of this study asked heterosexual women to rank photos of male faces, men's hands and abstract art by providing them with pre and post-test information concerning the social status of the latter. This experience has also been offered to bisexual women and lesbians who have seen the same results.

In conclusion, it seems that in many women mimicry behaviour is at work when it comes to choosing a partner. These actions, according to the scientists, would be the result of a ‘psychological adaptation linked to the choice of reproduction’. Clearly, men in pairs have in some ways already been ‘preselected’ by the fairer sex, which make them naturally much more desirable since they have been tested and approved. Similarly to a consumer product, a man in a relationship that has already proven himself to a woman will be more easily coveted by others.

We think Mick Jagger said it best: you can't always get what you want!

Stacey Williams
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