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Valentines Day Is Coming Soon, Treat Your Date To This Impressive 'Passionate Love' Cocktail

This Valentine's Day, we're treating ourselves and bringing out the champagne! You can surprise your other half with this "Passionate Love" cocktail, which requires few ingredients and is very easy to make. It's time to take action! Oh My Mag shows you how to achieve it step by step through this video.

Ingredients for Passionate Love:

For one glass:

8 cl champagne

2 cl orange juice

2 cl Grand Marnier

1 orange

To make a Passionate Love, be sure to have:

A shaker

A colander

Ice cubes

A Martini glass

The recipe for Passionate Love:

- Pour the Grand Marnier and the orange juice in the shaker

- Shake well, then pour into the glass

- Add the champagne

- Decorate with an orange peel

Check out the video above for a tutorial!

By Johanna Garner
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