Two women in a relationship for 2 years discover that they probably have the same father

Carley and Mercedes, who have been in a relationship for two years, discovered that they were potentially sisters after discovering that their mothers had relationships with the same man…

Carley and Mercedes have been together for two years and may be about to get some bad news... After learning that their mothers had sex with the same man, they had to take a DNA test.

A story that made the rounds on social networks

The two Canadian women told their confusing story on the social network TikTok. Under the handle @carleyandmercedes, the young women shared the disturbing news in a short video that has been viewed more than 12 million times, leaving their 800,000-plus followers in shock.

'When you find out, after two years of being in a relationship, that your mothers both slept with the same man,' the now-viral TikTok images read, with the caption 'Should we get a DNA test?'


Should we take a DNA test? #siblingsordating#fyp#foryou#wlw#xyzbca

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Will Carley and Mercedes stay together?

In the comments section, users are appalled. 'Oh my God, I always thought you two looked so much alike,' 'that might explain why you look like sisters...,' or 'get a DNA test right away!,' one reads.

So Carley and Mercedes did indeed take a DNA test, but the Canadians are still waiting for the results. In the next few days, Internet users will have the long-awaited answer. However, if the results come back positive, will they still split up?

'If we are really sisters, is it wrong for us to stay together?' One thing is certain: their decision is their own. In any case, this unusual story has also made the rounds of the media: The Daily Mail, New York Post, Slate, etc. The Ontario women are laughing about it on their TikTok account.


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