Turns out people are sexually aroused by insects

Have you ever heard of formicophilia? It’s a rather strange sexual preference involving certain creepy crawlers.

In this whole wide world, it's commonly known that there's someone for everyone. But sometimes, there's also something for everyone. As you will discover, some people take this folk wisdom to extremes.

Attracted by insects

Have you ever felt anything sexual when a fly lands on your leg? Or when you discovered that a ladybug was crawling up your arm? No?

Believe it or not, there are some people who get actually become aroused by this, they are called formicophiles.

Formicophilia, as it turns out, is part of the spectrum of paraphilias: these sexual practices are labelled as 'deviant' because they are not part of social norms. But as they say, 'don't yuck other peoples yums!' There are a lot of people out there with a lot of different preferences.

Coming back to formicophilia... it's when a person is sexually aroused by the sight of insects and the more that swarm around him or her, the better. Formicophiles will even try to apply insects to their genitals.

Dendrophilia, self-assassination, spectrophilia...

There are many different paraphilias, some are more understandable and others are simply astonishing. Ever heard of aerodromophilia? Yes, you guessed it—it has something to do with aeroplanes.

Aerodromophiles will go further than just the toilet cabin of an aircraft, although obviously, this is the number one sexual fantasy. They are even attracted by the noise. Take-offs and landings can give them incredible sexual sensations.

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