This Woman Went On A Tinder Date... To A Funeral

If you thought you have had some bad Tinder dates in your life, rest assured there is always something worse... For their first date, a woman found herself at a funeral without knowing it. She shared her story, and the internet can’t believe it.

This Woman Went On A Tinder Date... To A Funeral
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Tinder often has a lot of surprises in store, some stories are more cute than others... A woman calling herself ‘Bridget Jones’ on Twitter told her sad story about one of her dates set up through the dating app. She met a boy with whom she had a good feeling. For their first date, he asked her to wear a black dress. Any girl would say ‘Wow this must be quite the romantic event.’ Well, think again... The young woman posted part of her story by SMS on Twitter.

And here is the drama…

‘The guy said, “Come wearing a black dress, I'm going to surprise you.” I thought he was very romantic. We talked in the car, everything was fine, until he made a turn and I thought the place seemed weird. And then I saw the sign. Oh God, the sign. It said "Crematorium." He stopped the car, and I ask him if he had forgotten to fill up the tank. He just said, “No, I just needed somebody to accompany me to this. If I had told you, you wouldn’t have come,”’ she explained. Can you feel it, a 10 on the tension scale? Just wait, there’s more.

The most awkward situation in the world

‘At that moment, I said to myself, “Shit, there's no way out of this.” And so I go, wondering what else could go wrong. It was his grandmother’s funeral,’ she continues, in all seriousness. Ok, we want to be as polite as the next person, but there are limits… ‘People were crying and I couldn’t leave anymore at this point, people would think I was a terrible person. Imagine calling an Uber to leave a funeral.’ The young woman said she was introduced to people after the ceremony, which was not without its embarrassing moments either. ‘The guy was holding my hand and crying, I had no way to leave. […] [The relatives] were busy paying tribute to the deceased, but he still said “Let me introduce you to Emily." I did not meet his father but his mother had to be under the influence of a drug, perhaps something like Xanax. In short, I had to console this stranger who was in tears while he greeted his family,’ said the embarrassed young woman.

She must have asked him why he was doing all this to her? In fact, he explained that his girlfriend had just left him and that his whole family had insisted on meeting this girl, so he was just looking for someone to replace her. The next time you have a date with a stranger, even if it spoils the surprise, ask for more details about the date all the same, if you have doubts it could make all the difference.