This woman takes 'masturbation breaks' at work and so should you

This woman explains why she nips off out of the office, whilst her colleagues are grabbing their daily coffee and muffin during the lunch break.

Ok, let's discuss something we often avoid talking about more openly in fear of cringing away into an abyss of embarrassment: masturbation.

Normalizing female masturbation

It seems that in recent years, more and more women have become morecomfortablediscussing their sexuality and we're finally at a point where we're beginning to embrace this aspect of our lives as something natural and healthy, where even recent studies have shown the many health benefits of having a little bit of that alone time on a regular basis.

One very important health benefit that stands out, particularly in modern life, remains this: that it is a great stress-reliever. It's science, really.

Nadia Bokody, Australian journalist and editor, would certainly agree with this notion and brings to light exactly how it can help ourdaily working life. In fact, she points out how it can help us quite literally during our working life. And that is quite correct, we are indeed talking about masturbation breaks.

Whilst the idea seems dubious and a little risky, given that perhaps it would be the last thing we would think about during a mundane day at the office, the writer claims that 40% of people already masturbate at work. Including herself.

So what's so special about a midday solo sesh at work?

Bokody explains that whilst mental exercises such as word search or sudoku are good for the brain, regular orgasms are even better. Whilst blood only flows to certain regions of the brain during mental exercises, an orgasm stimulates blood flow to every part of the brain.

So, in other words, hello productivity! Not only does it increase concentration levels, but actually improves mood and energy levels thanks to the feel-good endorphins that are released during a climax.

So does that sound like something more people should get into or is it just downright indecency? Nadia Bokody explains that, unless your contract explicitly states otherwise, your employer ain't the boss of you in your allocated break time and so you should have the freedom to do what you need to do. She confidently states:

What you do behind closed doors [during your break] is none of your employer's business.
Can masturbating regularly lower your sex drive? Can masturbating regularly lower your sex drive?