This Divorcee Was NOT Expecting This Gift From Her Ex-Husband

This Divorcee Was NOT Expecting This Gift From Her Ex-Husband

After 20 years spent together, 8 children and a divorce, Lorrie didn't expect to receive this gift for Christmas. Check out the video above to see it for yourself!

Lorrie and Jeffrey are proof that true love never dies. They are both in their fifties. Together, they had 8 children after getting married in 1989. But in 2014, after 25 years of love and living together, they got a divorce. After some time away from each other, they started dating again and going out together.

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For this reason, Jeffrey decided to give a special gift to the love of his life. On Christmas Day, Lorrie unwrapped it: it's a poem by Jeffrey, framed. She reads it carefully, lowers the frame, and finds Jeffrey on his knees, proposing. Absolutely delighted, she answers "yes" and jumps into his arms.

The video was posted by their son, Jeffrey Jr., on Twitter and was viewed almost 10 million times: "When I tweeted it, I was expecting like, 6 favorites from my closest friends. I never imagined that it would go viral!" he told Buzzfeed. He concluded: "My family is very happy and overwhelmed with love right now."

Check out the video above to see the beautiful moment - and Jeffrey's poem - for yourself! 

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