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This Couple Went Viral After Receiving This Very Special Wedding Gift

This New Zealand couple's family treated them to a wonderful surprise at their wedding ceremony. Check out the video above to see the moving footage for yourself!

Aaliyah, 21, and Benjamin, 23, had a wonderful surprise for their wedding in Auckland. Their family arranged a haka performance at their reception - unbeknownst to the happy couple.

The haka is a traditional war dance in Maori culture but is also traditionally used to welcome special guests or to celebrate great achievements or occasions.

Both of the newlyweds were swept with emotion when they saw the dance - with Benjamin whipping off his jacket to join in and Aaliyah moved to tears of joy before joining in with the end of the dance too.

The video of the impressive haka went viral and Aaliyah and Ben spent their honeymoon being recognised by other holidaymakers. They thanked people across the world for the kind messages and well wishes they had been sending in.

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They said: 'We’ve had so many lovely messages and we’re grateful that it touched so many lives.'

Take a look at the video above to see the beautiful footage for yourself...

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