They waited 9 years to open their wedding gift and were left in awe

For 9 years, this couple refused to open a gift that had been given to them at their wedding. Read on to find out why…

Kathy and Brandon Gunn who live in Michigan in the United States waited nine years to open a gift that had been given to them on their wedding day. Now, many of us are probably wondering how that is even possible, considering the majority of people cannot wait a second more to open a gift!

A gift from an aunt

Given to them by an aunt, this mysterious white box was accompanied by an envelope stipulating that it should 'not be opened until the 1st disagreement.’ When thinking back to this still unopened gift, and although the couple were not having a disagreement, the Gunns finally wanted to satisfy their curiosity.

Inside the package they discovered wine glasses, a vase, bath products, as well as a little money and two messages addressed to them.

The message for Kathy suggested that she use the money to buy pizza and have a nice bath. The one written for Brandon told him to use the money to buy flowers and a bottle of wine. All of this, of course, was part of an attempt at reconciliation.

It wasn't their first fight...

Kathy opened up on her Facebook:

There have obviously been a lot of disagreements, arguments and door slamming throughout our nine years, and there were even a couple of times when we both thought about giving up… But we never opened the box.

She continued on:

For nine years this box stayed on a shelf gathering dust, but somehow it taught us tolerance, understanding, compromise and patience. Today, we decided to open the box because we had finally reached an awareness. We realised that the tools to create and maintain a strong and happy marriage were never in the box, they were in us.

Take a look at the video above to see the beautiful wedding gift for yourself...

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