These tips will help you achieve orgasm every time

Women have a harder time to reach climax than men. Here are some tips on how to improve your sex life!

A survey was recently carried out on the broad topic of orgasms among heterosexual women. The results are indisputable: the lack of communication around sexuality negatively affects female pleasure, and men should be more concerned about their partner's satisfaction.

Key figures

This study, conducted among 1,000 heterosexual women, revealed some rather startling figures.

For example, eight out of ten women experience difficulty reaching orgasm with their partner, 63% of women have faked an orgasm at least once in their lives, and 9% do so regularly...

Even worse, in the last three months, one in three women in a relationship did not have an orgasm. This is a relatively high figure, but which can nevertheless be explained.

Phallocentric sexuality

The first factor put forward by the study is the fact that the female orgasm is 'slowed down' by sexuality which usually only revolves around the phallus, and the act of 'penetration.'

Through this study, it was also revealed that only 40% of 'sexually active' women are stimulated by their partners. When it comes to cunnilingus, only 33% of women in relationships report benefiting from it.

These key figures reveal that heterosexual sexuality is overwhelmingly concentrated around male pleasure. Male pleasure thus seems to be a priority, while female pleasure consistently comes second.

Foreplay in order to reach climax

The pleasure is in the build-up! According to the study, foreplay is a crucial element when it comes to women's pleasure. So gentlemen, don't forget about your partner's clitoris!

Also note that according to the study, 97% of women have had an orgasm in their lives, but only 37% of them have one every week, and 10% haven't had one in over a year.

Self-knowledge is a key factor

The fact that some women do not have regular intercourse does not help when it comes to knowing their own bodies. Not surprisingly, women who have more than three sexual encounters per week, and have had more than ten partners in their lifetime, are most likely to achieve orgasm.

Age, experience, and self-confidence

Surprising but true: women over the age of 65 were 79% more likely to have reached climax the last time they had sex.

Not only do they know their bodies very well, but they are often in a state of total ease because of the experience and trust they share with their partner.

This is not always the case with younger women since 77% of women want to see their partner climax, yet 53% say they do not like to be seen having an orgasm themselves. This could imply a lack of self-confidence among younger women.

Communication as a foundation

Finally, the study also suggests that a lack of communication within couples during sex is a major obstacle.

According to the results of the study, men should pay more attention to the different ways one can pleasure their partner, and women should not be afraid to confide in their partners about their needs and desires... How can one accomplish this? Quite simply by guiding their partners who don't necessarily know how to go about it.

In 77% of cases, good communication leads to more pleasure for all involved, so sit down and talk about it!

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