These Are The Top 5 Gross Habits Couples Get Into That You Should Avoid At All Costs

The years go by and the games of seduction at the beginning of the relationship are far in the past, and at this point some habits have become ingrained. However they are not always the best habits... Here are the 5 strangest things that all couples do. So, do you recognise yourself?

1. Going to the toilet with the door open

This is definitely the strangest tendency! You don’t want to cut your conversation short in case you forget what you wanted to say... it's easier to keep talking no?

2. Sharing chewing gum

It’s a good thing that you’re ready to share so many things with your better half... isn’t love beautiful?

3. Sharing a toothbrush

Sharing saliva with your SO is ok right? Plus 1 toothbrush for 2 people saves money!

4. Squeezing each other’s pimples and blackheads

Somewhere along the line you reverted back to your primate selves, especially when it comes to grooming each other. But this is just gross!

5. Burping in front of each other, among other things…

Farewell to romance and elegance, hello to just letting everything out. But hey, you need to let your body express itself, and you're not ashamed that your other half knows who you are at your best as well as at your worst, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Eventually its natural that the two of you will feel completely at ease around each other.

The intimate conversation couples avoid that could save your relationship The intimate conversation couples avoid that could save your relationship