These Are The Positions Every Couple Should Try If They Want To be Discreet In The Sheets

These Are The Positions Every Couple Should Try If They Want To be Discreet In The Sheets

It’s as difficult as it is awkward to get intimate with your partner in the bedroom when the 'rents happen to be in the next room or when the walls are thin at your friend's place. Here are the three most discrete positions to help you get busy without being disturbed.

We’ve all been there: when you just have to have them right there and then, but the added pressure of your friends or, worse yet, your folks chilling nearby makes it all a little risqué. And no one wants the dreaded walk of shame in the morning, whether you're met with staring daggers, raised eyebrows or a couple of smirks. Heaven forbid if there are any questions asked, the like of 'sleep well last night?' It's worth mentioning, that it doesn't have to be that way: here's a little guide to help you get it on discreetly. 

How to make love without being discovered

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The first position is very classic and practical: missionary. With your partner below you, they can even put their hand over your mouth if they think it’s getting a little too steamy and the pair of you are getting a little too hasty with the volume. If you like to mix it up whilst remaining incognito, give 69 a try. With both of your mouths occupied, you can focus on having fun without the accidental noise.

Another trick in the bedroom that’ll let you go unnoticed is spooning. Laying in front of your partner, you can move backwards and forwards at the speed you want, and you can also put a pillow in front of your mouth if you feel the need to scream out. Of course, you need a good bed for this position because if your bed moves, you’re in trouble!

The last but certainly not least is making love in the shower. You can lock the door – useful if you share this area with other people – the flowing water will mask the sounds you make and there’s no risk of leaving marks on the sheets with any respective fluids. Take care where you take your step and voila! Anything is possible!

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