These are 7 Signs To Watch For If You're Concerned About Your Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship where you had to ask yourself ‘where is this going?' Here are the warning signs that your other half doesn’t really care about you.

It's an all too familiar situation: you settle into a mundane relationship that seems more like a hobby, a way of not being alone rather than a true love affair. These worries may sometimes occur to your partner, but it’s your job to realise when this happens!

1. They don’t show real interest in you

They don’t try to get to know you better or build your relationship further. They never ask you any real personal questions for that matter, as if it were all going over their head and didn’t interest them. So, they don’t really know what you like, or your personality and don’t bother to rectify this.

2. You don’t really seem like a couple

When you look at how you live together, you look more like roommates living under the same roof rather than a real couple who share things together!

3. Your partner is critical of you

It means they don’t appreciate you for who you really are. Besides, they don’t even know who that is and haven’t bothered trying to find out. On the other hand, they’re not afraid to criticise you so that you’ll become the person they want you to be.

4. You can only agree on sex

In bed, everything is fine! And that’s why you have to ask yourself this big question. Sex is an integral part of a couple and it’s essential, but it’s only part of the package! If the only moments of true intimacy that you have are when you're between the sheets then there’s a problem!

Check out the video above for three more important red flags. And if you find yourself agreeing with these seven points, don’t waste any more of your time! Act fast and find someone that will take interest in and care about you.

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