These ancient sexual practices will leave you stunned

Sexual practices are very different depending on which country you are from and the time period you lived in.

Masturbating is as old as time

In Egypt, public masturbation was completely acceptable because it was seen as an act of faith. In fact, the Egyptians used to masturbate on the banks of the Nile river because the tides were thought to have been caused by the God of creation—Atum.

During the middle ages in France, men could be sent to an ‘impotence trial' at their wife’s request if they believed that they weren’t having enough sex. These men then had to undress before the Court and a group of doctors would examine the accused as well as ask them, in front of the assembly, some very intimate questions.

If the man failed his examination, he would then have to make love to his wife in front of the whole assembly. Following this public lovemaking, the man could humiliate his wife if he managed to finish but if not, his reputation would be ruined.

In the 17th century in England, women developed a very original way of declaring their love. They would give their beloved bread in the shape of their vagina. This was known as ‘Cockle bread.’

Cleopatra had sex toys

In Egypt, Queen Cleopatra’s sex toy was a papyrus scroll full of bees. Indeed! The buzzing of the bees vibrated the papyrus just like vibrators nowadays… They definitely didn’t lack creativity!

In the 18th century, lovers who had to leave their other half to travel used to carry a pocket watch which contained a portrait of their lover. But these pictures very quickly turned into erotic images. Discreet yet effective.

Size did matter

In Greece during ancient times, small penises were all the rage! A small phallus size was a symbol of finesse and intelligence. Historian Thierry Eloi explained this in an interview with L’Obs:

In Rome, having a large penis was terrible. It was devaluation because it wasn’t proportionate with the body. That’s why all Roman statues have small penises.

The Nyibas lived 3000 meters high in the Himalayas in Nepal and their traditions concerning sexual practices among married couples are rather unique. They practised ‘fraternal polyandry’ which is when a woman marries two or more men who are also brothers. Fraternal polyandry is dying out in today’s society.

In the Guajiros tribe in Colombia, as seen in the French film Les Oiseaux de passage (Passing birds), the tribe performs a fertility ritual during which a woman dances and tries to trip a man. If she succeeds, it is considered a gesture of affection and he will then give her his body as a sign of victory.

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