These 5 Bad Habits May Be Stopping You From Finding True Love

Have your flannel pyjamas become a nighttime staple? Beware, it might scare off your dates! If you finally want to find true love, you'll have to kick certain bad habits! Find out what you have to give up to find love in our video!

You may well have a long list of criteria that your other half will have to fill to be a 100% match, but don't forget that no one is perfect, not even you! Meeting someone new may cause you to speak without thinking and scare off your new partner.

You get stressed out, your tongue gets tied and you make one faux-pas after another. This love story ends as quickly as it began. To avoid chasing off your significant other, it is essential to question yourself and leave your bad habits behind. If you love your plaid and your TV series above everything else, try turning off your screen, otherwise your date might just run off, thinking that you are particularly boring...

If you are a big romantic at heart, avoid saying the frightening phrase "I love you" on the first date, it will ruin everything and your new affair will be a thing of the past. To find love, it is essential to give up certain mannerisms and bad habits. Are you ready to make some sacrifices and changes in your life to welcome love with open arms? More details in the video!

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