The zodiac signs that don't stand a chance in love

Many people refer to astrology when it comes to love. Some signs are incompatible and could run into big trouble if they were to get together.

Knowing a person's astrological sign can tell you more about their character. If love at first sight exists, you should know that the stars have their say when it comes to love. This is why certain signs of the zodiac are incompatible.

Aries and Taurus not made for each other?

Some people may not believe in astrology, but many like to refer to it in order to know a little more about their love life. Thus, it is not uncommon to ask about the astrological sign of one's partner. This allows you to learn more about their habits and character. Unfortunately, some signs are incompatible when it comes to love.

This is the case with Aries and Taurus, which are two horned animals with a strong character. Aries is competitive, stubborn and has a certain obsession with power. Taurus is just as stubborn and could therefore very often be in conflict with an Aries to have the last word. If these two signs were to get together, they could often argue.

Nevertheless, Aries and Taurus form a volcanic alliance (especially in bed), because the former, from the element of fire, marries perfectly with the Taurus native from the earth.

In love, a Libra person will not find the right match with a Capricorn. The latter, sociable and sensitive, could find Capricorn cold and distant. Nevertheless, the Capricorn, who tends to stress, could still manage to find some peace with a Libra.

Leo and Scorpio incompatible?

Leo and Scorpio might also have trouble getting along and do not make a good match in love. The discreet and authentic Scorpio could find Leo superficial, since the latter is concerned with his image. Besides, both signs have strong characters. Leo will get along better with Aries, while Scorpio will do better with Pisces and Cancer.

Then, Gemini and Pisces are not made to be together according to the stars. Gemini hates Pisces' sensitivity and finds him too fragile. Pisces, on the other hand, will tend to find Gemini cold. This makes it very difficult for them to complement each other. Pisces should also avoid Virgo. Both signs are far too sensitive.

In love, a Sagittarius might have difficulty getting along with a Virgo. Sagittarius is sociable and loves to meet new people, while Virgo is more reserved. People born between 22 November - 21 December are dreamy and want to get away from it all, whereas Virgo is more down to earth. Sagittarius is also not compatible with Taurus, who needs comfort and quiet.

Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign? Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign?