The ‘Softboy’ Is The Latest Type Of Guy You Need To Avoid At All Costs

Ladies, a new specimen has found himself free in the wild. He is known as a Softboy, and he is ready to do anything to cause you problems.

Completely atrocious pick-up techniques continue to emerge. First it was Mosting which broke the hearts of many women in search of love, or Benching which is the perfect technique for men with loose morals, but which is not as bad as Fishing. Today there is something new, known as the Softboy, or the guy who manipulates you before kicking you to the curb.

Who is he?

The Softboy is hard to spot at first, since they present all the qualities you want to see in a man. Indeed, his technique is simple: he will be a perfect gentleman, there when you need him, and will meet all the criteria you are looking for. Do you want a boy who wants to get married, have children, and a nice house? He will tell you that he also plans to buy a large house for you after the big wedding.

Under his false air of ideal son-in-law such as McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy, the Softboy is actually a big manipulator who navigates from conquest to conquest, since he has no desire to commit. He will piece together an identity in order to get you, and when he inevitably starts to get bored at your side, he will make up any excuse and drop you, just to go and do exactly the same thing to his next victim! So thank you, next!

Check out the video above for more on the 'softboy' phenomenon and make sure you don't get taken for a ride!

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