The Real Reason 20-40 Year Olds Are Less Active In The Bedroom Nowadays

The Real Reason 20-40 Year Olds Are Less Active In The Bedroom Nowadays

A new study has sadly observed a decline in the amount that 20-40-year olds are having sex. Contrary to other studies that use surveys as their references, this study uses the economic concept of a ‘risk free transaction’. Check out the video for even more!

The study led by the American economist Allison Schrager, who was the subject of ‘An Economist Walks Into a Brothel: And Other Unexpected Places to Understand Risk, made the same observations as lots of other studies, but through a new lens: economical.

She applied the ‘risk-free transaction’ method in her research to come to the conclusion that individuals between the ages of 20 and 40 are having less sex than before and that this is due to an overall decrease in risk taking.

The notion of a ‘risk free transaction’ in economics is about making a financial investment in which you know you will get back your initial investment.

It seems that this method works the same way, but for sex. A lot of individuals between 20 and 40 would wonder what this has to do with risks associated with sex, becoming attached to someone and even investing your time in dating or having sex while the outcome of all this is uncertain.

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So, applying this risk-free transaction method means that you can’t lose anything from a relationship, but you can’t gain anything either.

Allison Schrager adds that nowadays, the hyper connection is pushing us more and more to adopt a sedentary behavior.

‘Nowadays, everyone can seem like they have a fun life without even needing to risk leaving the house.’

Quite a grim observation, don’t you think? Check out the video for more on the issue!

Anna Wilkins
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