Study shows we fall in love three times in our lifetime

Falling in love is a unique sensation, difficult to control. Psychology shows that in life, we fall in love about three times in three different ways.

Love is a powerful feeling and our lives evolve in relation to it. This study does not say that human beings fall in love only three times in their lives—some people find the one in the very beginning, whereas others need a little more time and some trial and error.

On the other hand, over the course of a lifetime, we each fall in love in three different ways depending on our experiences and maturity. These three stages of love can all be experienced with the same partner, or with different partners. They are as follows...

Idealistic love

This is the first way wefall in love, and it’s the one that is the most memorable. This love is the one that happens when you're a teenager, and it is idealistic because we have nothing else to compare it to, and we are full of the ideals that make up Love with a capital L, which we all learned about through books, films, and stories of people who are more mature…

Love out of necessity

Once one has experienced idealistic love and has been confronted with its harsh reality, love out of necessity intervenes. It is during this second stage where love then becomes essential, and it is generally triggered following a breakup. After a breakup, we don't usually take the time to refocus on ourselves, and we throw ourselves headlong into the search for a new love.

Unexpected love

This type of love is the one that catches you by surprise, and it is the third way of falling in love that we experience during our lifetimes. Based on your experiences and the lessons you have learned, at this point you will truly be ready to make a commitment. Mutual understanding and sincerity both come naturally at this stage.

So, at which stage are you now?

Study Shows We Fall In Love Three Times In Our Lives Study Shows We Fall In Love Three Times In Our Lives