Science has discovered the most ideal age gap for couples

Thanks to a study, we finally know what the ideal age difference is between romantic partners to ensure a happy and long-lasting relationship!

Age difference could have an impact on your relationship

What if the strength of the love in your relationship is related to age difference? According to a study conducted by Emory University in Atlanta, it's true. The results of this survey even specified what the ideal age difference was for a perfect relationship...

The Emory University study was conducted on 3000 married people, and the conclusions stated that there is an ideal age difference for a relationship to work. The risk of divorce could be reduced to 3% when the difference between the two people in just one year.

The figures

Conversely, arelationship with a large age gap would be much more likely to end badly. According to the study, when partners have a five-year gap, the chances of breaking up compared to those of equal age is 18%. This percentage rises to 39% for a difference of ten years, and rises to 95% for those who have a difference of twenty years!

This study is therefore very pessimistic with regard to couples who have a significant age gap. But, isn't lovecapable of overcoming all obstacles? According to Emory University, things are not that simple...

To find out more on this subject, which can sometimes be a bit taboo, watch the video just above.

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