Research Says That This Is The Surprising Reason That Friendships Get Cut Short

Research Says That This Is The Surprising Reason That Friendships Get Cut Short

We often think (wrongly) that friendship is for life. However, in reality, many friendships have an expiration date and it seems there's one major reason for this. 

According to a study led by the organisation Expert Market, in which a survey of 1000 people was conducted, a difference in earnings is the most recurring reason for the end of friendships. The more the living standard differs between two people, the more fragile their friendship becomes as a result.

The rift comes from both sides. On one side, the wealthier person tends to organise holidays or parties without including those who have a lower standard of living, so as not to  ‘embarrass’ those who are worse off.

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Those on the other side also cut their ties with some friends who are better-off when their respective budgets don’t coincide. They also don’t want to ‘feel poor’ if financial help or advice is offered.

So arguments aren’t required to cut some deeply-rooted ties, as money can be responsible for this instead. Among other reasons for the ending of friendships are political ideas and new parenthood. To counter this and avoid turning our childhood friends into strangers, we must simply talk it over together and break the taboo, and this can turn out to be extremely fruitful. In love as in friendship, we need to do our fair share to make relationships work.

Will Armstrong
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