Premature female orgasm: Why some women climax too soon

Just as there is premature ejaculation in men, there is also premature orgasm for some women. Do you know what it is? Keeping on reading...

It is not only an inconvenience that has plagued men for centuries, but you'd be surprised to know that women also experience this phenomenon. This can also be cause for generating much sexual frustration in a relationship. After all, reaching the most intense part of sexual intercourse too soon or before you even expected it can be hard on any person.

Premature orgasm can end sexual pleasure sooner than expected. To make matter's worse, if you are not one of those who can immediately become aroused and go at it again, this can lead to a great deal of distress for you and your partner.

Causes of climaxing prematurely

  • The type of stimulation: Stimulation plays a big role, especially if this happens on the clitoris, the most sensitive part and with thousands of nerve endings that can trigger orgasm
  • Too much arousal: The excitement during foreplay especially if oral sex is practiced can be very intense. And although it is not bad to have an early orgasm it is good to know how to measure the time to extend the pleasure for our partner's sake.
  • Sexual abstinence: The lack of sexual intercourse can influence your sexual desire making the excitement much greater and your body gets carried away faster.

How to avoid a premature orgasm?

It is best to go slowly and measure sexual stimulation. If you start to feel an orgasm coming on, you should stop and ask your partner to change position. If you want to, the important thing is to know how to delay orgasm and to know your body well.

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