Parents In This Country Will Have To Take A Special Course Before Getting Divorced

For a couple, it's never easy dealing with separation, especially when there are children involved. Denmark, however, has had an idea: offering courses for "cooperation after divorce".

Divorce is rarely a pleasurable affair, and for couples with children, it's even more complicated. Denmark has found a solution: courses for "cooperation after divorce". Since the 1st of April, for separation to be acknowledged, couples with children now have to participate in a 30-minute lesson.

The course, which is free and available online or via an application, offers solutions to situations that can be complicated in joint custody cases, such as birthdays, school trips, etc. "The digital course answers some of the most important questions that arise during a divorce," the Danish Minister for Childhood and Social Affairs has told the press.

17 lessons offered

Unmarried couples can also access this program, which offers a total of 17 modules. However, according to Trine Schaldemose, deputy director of a family support association, these lessons only work "if the level of conflict" between the two parents "is not too high," she explained.

The first results have been particularly conclusive according to Martin Hald, psychologist and one of the creators of "cooperation after divorce". In most cases, the program is said to have had "a moderate to strong effect on mental or physical health: stress, depression, anxiety, physical or mental pain and the number of days off."

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