Often Mistaken For A Mother And Her Daughter, They're Actually A Happily Married Couple

These two are undoubtedly the most unique LGBT couple on YouTube. They met on a dating app for lesbians and, since then, they say they've been inseparable.

Julia is 24 years old. She is a Brazilian youtuber and a proud member of the LGBT community. Besides compulsively buying pink objects, Julia was also a fan of using dating apps to find the love of her life.

Eileen is 61 years old. She is English and her profession is unknown. Lately, it's been making videos with Julia for Youtube.

Since their profiles crossed paths on an app to find your other half, both of their lives have changed. They say that they never stopped talking to each other, that little by little they fell in love and that love has changed their lives.

They moved in together in Eileen's flat in London, and later got married in June of 2019. To them, their age difference (37 years) is irrelevant.

Eileen has since gained a following of her own on social media and seems to enjoy the craft. The wedding the two shared was beautiful to say the least.

But there are still people who disapprove of their love. What do you think? Is this real love or just a Youtube tale? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

Source: Youtube | Julia Zelg

He's old enough to be her grandad but they're actually happily married He's old enough to be her grandad but they're actually happily married