New Study Says People With Happy Sex Lives Are MORE Likely To Cheat

While most people tend to think that unfaithfulness is due to frustration in a relationship, American researchers say the opposite: sex begets sex.

According to a study led by Florida State University, sexually satisfied people are the most unfaithful. While most people think that it is frustration and lack of attention that lead to adultery, this investigation upsets conventional wisdom. Researchers in Florida say that, on the contrary, when libido is uninhibited and maintained, it pushes some people to want even more, and with other partners.

Sex calls for more sex

233 young married couples were analysed for three years. And the conclusion is surprising: those who make love regularly are more likely to give in to temptation. According to the researchers, it is because they would have "a positive relationship with sex in general". To test their level of infidelity, scientists performed several tests. The first, for example, was to show photos of attractive men or women to participants. And according to them, people who look away more quickly and voluntarily are 50% less likely to cheat on their spouse than others. Even if they were attracted, they preferred not to focus on this unhealthy feeling.

Researchers also said that people who lacked self-confidence could also be more likely to cheat to reassure themselves, and the same goes for those who had many partners in the past. Of course, let's not forget, there is no good reason to cheat on your partner. This is simply an excuse we make for ourselves.

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