Negging: The Manipulative Dating Trend You Need To Watch Out For

The list of dating techniques never stops growing. This time, we’re going to explain what negging is, a new trend that’s as horrible as benching.

Most couples will tell you that the best part of a relationship is the seduction phase. When you first meet someone and start flirting back and forth. Except that sometimes, ‘negging’ can happen and it could ruin everything.

The art of manipulation

At first, fishing was the ultra-trendy dating trend because of social networks like Tinder and Instagram, but negging isn’t as old as you might think! The term comes from the word ‘neg’ and this seduction technique is difficult to understand since the aim is to constantly compliment the person. But what’s the catch? These compliments are actually quite tricky, since they’re observations rather than compliments. For example, if your girlfriend says that you’re really sexy, the tone that they use could actually be hiding a subtle undertone used to mock you. Horrible isn’t it? Especially since it’s very complicated to know for certain which comments are totally dismissive and manipulative.

How do you know you’re being ‘negged’?

Luckily, there are a few signs that show you’re a victim of negging. Those who are good at this practice have two very distinctive character traits. First of all, they are dominant and very narcissistic. Then, they take pleasure in humiliating you in public by making unkind remarks or asking harmless questions about the way you look, but that they know are insulting for you! Adding to the fact that you’re not free to do what you want, but that you always have to go through your other half before doing certain things. And the worst thing (because no, that’s not it all), is that your partner won’t stop comparing you to their past relationships. A 100% toxic relationship that you should avoid at all costs!

Check out the video above for more on how to recognise and avoid becoming a victim of negging...

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