How to pleasure yourself alone while in lockdown

COVID lockdowns have you going through a bit of a dry spell? Don't despair! Here are a few tips on how to have sex alone.

Long-distance sex

Of course, if you are not confined along with your partner, but he or she has a good internet connection, it is time to think about internet sex using a webcam.

No judgment here, internet sex with a webcam is all about pleasure. Talk to your partner while touching yourself, describe erotic scenarios to him/her, tell him/her where to touch themselves, and then reverse the roles. This will increase the arousal, and put you well on the way to orgasm!

Sex toys

For those who are not comfortable with data protection and your privacy, there are other solutions: sex toys. And good news! The Lelo brand has designed a sex toy with a remote control that can be controlled up to a distance of 40 feet. This little sex toy vibrates and is shaped like an egg.

You can still have fun with your partner by letting him/her control your pleasure from a distance. No better way to keep yourself socially distanced! There is nothing sexier!

Watch feminist porn!

And yes, it can seem obvious, but if you are alone, watching porn can be part of a solo sex session. Moreover, the Pornhub website has decided to help Italians who are confined to their homes, by giving them free access to the Premium section of one of the most popular porn sites on the web.

We can only hope that this offer will soon be available in the UK as well, if things continue the way they are going...

Virtual sex activity increased during lockdown, study finds Virtual sex activity increased during lockdown, study finds